Hair styling products:

A wide range of products offered by Jago Pro are cosmetics. The main group consists of hair styling products which includes hairsprays, hair mousses, hair gels in jars and tubes, dry shampoos, hair spray volume increasers.

We have developed many formulas of varying types of fixing, with additional features such as broadcasting shine, volume and protection against UV radiation.

Shaving products:

Another important group of cosmetics are shaving products. As one of the few we have developed a recipe shave gel in post-foaming, which is constantly modify to meet the requirements of our customers. This group also includes shaving foam and soothing aftershave for normal and sensitive skin.

Perfume products:

We also specialize in articles of perfumery. Based on the best suppliers and manufacturers of fragrances we have created deodorants for men and women. In recent years we have developed our deodorant line with antiperspirant spray and roll-ons, which improve the recipe all the time to keep up with the latest trends in the market. We also have developed a recipe antiperspirant in gel and stick.

BoV technology:

Quite large group of our products are all kinds of cosmetics filled in BoV technology. Among them should be mentioned depilatory creams, balms, lotions, shaving gels, shower gels.

Latest innovation in our R&D department was very mild foam for facial and eyes cleanser and also series of products for tanning in technology Bag-on-Valve.


a special group of cosmetics are insect repellent. Among these products, we have both the preparations for adults and children, in the aerosol, foam and spray.