Our Research and Development Department is our own laboratory equipped with the highest quality equipment to prepare modern formulations for the most demanding customers.

Development Department is equipped with homogenizers, laboratory reactor which allows to combine the ingredients in a vacuum and the set temperature, viscometer, autotitrator, pH meters, mechanical and magnetic stirrer, incubators, refrigerators, polarized light microscope, spectrophotometer and many other.

Besides the standard physical and chemical tests, we are able to assess the size of particle aerosols and sprays. R & D lab has a unique camera test – Spraytec analyzer laser that allows the measurement of particle size using laser light diffraction. Moreover, thanks to the Analytical Laboratory we can check the quality of raw materials (spectrophotometer), the content of active ingredients in formulas and check SPF Sun Care products.

Thanks to constant trainings and knowledge, our skilled technologists are working on innovative products, new technologies, also they work on to improve the quality of the classic formulation of shaving products, for hair styling and cosmetics perfume.

We work with the best suppliers of raw materials in the industry to provide the highest quality products and meet customer expectations.

Very important success of our R&D department is the introduction of technologies BOV and POST FOAMING for various applications including body lotions, suntan oils or shaving gels. Following the latest market trends we have developed recipes for facial cleanser foams, antiperspirants modern type of spray, roll on and deo stick.