Thanks to the continued investment in technology and modernization of the machines our company is able to produce 150 million units per year.

Our filling lines / production allow us to fill:

  • Classic aerosols with diameters from 35 mm to 66 mm and a capacity of 30 ml to 750 ml. Is possible to use special valves (dosing, tilt, 360°, and others).
  • Mini aerosols with diameters 22 mm and 25 mm and a capacity of 10 ml to 25 ml.
  • Aerosols in technology “Bag on Valve” with capacity from 30 ml to 500 ml in aluminum and tin cans. Also “Post Foaming” type of products.
  • Gel products in volumes from 100 ml to 1000 ml.
  • Products in Roll on. Standardly 50 ml or 75 ml, but any other capacities are possible.
  • Liquid products with small volumes from 30 ml to 100 ml and a also with bigger volumes 150 ml to 500 ml.
  • Plastic tubes with capacity from 30 ml to 250 ml